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@jakemiller Photos in San Francisco California 14/12/2013


@jakemiller Concert last night Dec 13 Reno, NV Knitting Factory. Photos Courtesy Of: @JayyVizz @vikingschouten @kierlynnn154 @CaitieNicole7 @kye11kye @MizzPartyRocker


Last night Jake Miller was presenting another of its Incredible Concerts In the presence of Thousands of Fans who support him in everything he does with helping him get more things in Successful Race, was present in the room Reno, NV Knitting Factory leaving many of his fans happy by his Splendorous concert! Here I leave some of the photos I was able to gather from the show last night, I hope you like it and do not forget to follow our Friends @JayyVizz  @vikingschouten @kierlynnn154  @CaitieNicole7 @kye11kye  @MizzPartyRocker


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@jakemiller EXCLUSIVE photos of jake concert on 08 December in the Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington // @JDbandJHM @sorry_17 @millermissions

If you could not attend the concert in the Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington Jake do not worry, here you can see the most exclusive photos submitted by jake Show that day from our friends #Millertarys @millermissions @sorry_17 and @JDbandJHM Do not forget to follow our friends on Twitter and Share Page for more Millertarys aware of it, Thanks guys!

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@jakemiller Only a few shows left on the tour!! Get tickets now at

You are running out of Jake Shows Off Fast to buy your ticket before you run out of yours, you can not miss their concert! and it looks as if you want to be the girl jake miller Couch


@jakemiller with Taylor was the couch girl in Charlottesville, VA!!

@JakeMiller – Collide “Us Against Them Tour” in Charlottesville, VA

She don’t wanna go out She’d rather chill in my house All her friends are partying while we dinin’ in watching Netflix on my couch She don’t wanna go out She just wanna come over, yea Your friends are in the VIP but you don’t need a ID to come And kick it on my couch


@Jakemillermusic show photos of yesterday in Boise, ID Knitting Factory and Salt Lake City, UT Rockwell at The Complex 06/12/2013


@jakemillermusic Upcoming Show Dates Jake, tonight will be performing in Salt Lake City, UT at The Complex Rockwell

15 SHOWS LEFT! Get tickets now at Tonight – Salt Lake City, UT Dec 7 – Boise, ID Dec 8 – Spokane, WA Dec 10 – Seattle, WA Dec 11 – Portland, OR Dec 12 – Eugene, OR Dec 13 – Reno, NV Dec 14 – San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT) Dec 15 – Los Angeles, CA Dec 16 – Anaheim, CA Dec 18 – San Diego, CA Dec 19 – Mesa, AZ Dec 21 – Dallas, TX Dec 22 – New Orleans, LA Dec 23 – Houston, TX

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@jakemillermusic Special Photos My Couch

She don’t wanna go out
She’d rather chill in my house
All her friends are partying while we dinin’ in watching
Netflix on my couch
She don’t wanna go out
She just wanna come over, yea
Your friends are in the VIP but you don’t need a ID to come
And kick it on my couch

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